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The Charter is a relatively new organization, founded by Karen Armstrong in 2009 following her being awarded the TED prize, but the principle behind the Charter.

The Golden Rule, is a universal concept that has been around for thousands of years.

The TED Prize is given annually to an exception individual, who receives a money prize, and, much more importantly, “One Wish to Change the World.” Karen’s wish was to help with the creation, launching and implementation of a Charter for Compassion, crafted by a group of leading inspirational thinkers… and based on the fundamental principles of universal justice and respect. You can come to the Charter’s website to read the full Charter.

Today the Charter has been signed by millions of people and works with close to 400 cities in over 50 countries to facilitate compassion communities.

Q & A with the Charter for Compassion International

Does the Charter have a favorite quote that helps drive your mission?
Charter for Compassion:
Compassion is not an option. It’s the key to our survival. –Karen Armstrong

charter-peace-starts-hereIf we look back at the development in the twentieth century, the most devastating cause of human suffering, of deprivation of human dignity, freedom, and peace has been the culture of violence in resolving differences and conflicts. The challenge before us is to make our new century of dialogue and of peaceful co-existence. –Dalai Lama

What is a Compassionate City?
Charter for Compassion:
In a Compassionate Community, the needs of all the inhabitants of that community are recognized and met, the well-being of the entire community is a priority, and all people and living things are treated with respect. More simply, in a Compassionate Community, people are motivated by compassion to take responsibility for and care for each other. A community where compassion is fully alive is a thriving, resilient community whose members are moved by empathy to take compassionate action, are able to confront crises with innovative solutions, are confident in navigating changes in the economy and the environment, and are resilient enough to bounce back readily from natural and man-made disasters.
What are the steps for creating a Compassionate Community?
Charter for Compassion:
Any individual, group, or organization that recognizes the need for greater compassion in a community is encouraged to begin the process for creating a Compassionate Community. While the Charter does not prescribe any one path, it does recommend that the process be designed and carried out by a diverse and inclusive coalition of people so that all voices within the community are heard, and the significant issues are addressed.

The cities and communities that sign on to become Compassionate Cities and Communities have often begun their work by identifying the issues that are troubling the community and need to be addressed through compassionate action. For example, a community may discover a significant issue related to social justice– for women, for immigrants, or for some other marginalized group. Other communities may want to address issues of drug use, gang violence, the lack of equitable healthcare, or the effects of environmental racism. Others may decide to work to provide empowerment to youth or to educate their communities about the need for compassion in addressing environmental issues. We do have a list of suggested steps and a Charter Tool Box to help you along organizing your part of the movement.

What’s your elevator pitch?
Charter for Compassion:
We believe that a compassionate world is a peaceful world. That is our one-liner, but we often add a little bit more for good measure:

  • We believe that a compassionate world is possible when every man, woman and child treats others as they wish to be treated–with dignity, equity and respect.
  • We believe that all human beings are born with the capacity for compassion, and that it must be cultivated for human beings to survive and thrive.
  • We work to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. We then ask for individuals and organizations to embrace the compassion revolution in the best way they see fit.
Is there another organization you’d like to give a shout-out to?
Charter for Compassion:
Would you believe 1600+ organizations? They are our partners and help form our network of networks. It takes a lot of hands to create a peaceful world and we have some incredible organizations who are helping along the way. Our partners fall into categories which we call sectors: arts, business, education, environment, healthcare, peace, interfaith, restorative justice, science and research, social justice, social services and women and girls. Nearly every person who is reading this blog probably is a part of an organization that can be part of the Charter’s network. However, it is necessary that they take to heart the words of the Charter within their organization.
What are some of the reasons partners join the Charter network?
Charter for Compassion:
Now, more than ever before, we at the Charter for Compassion International believe it is possible—and indeed, urgently necessary—to tap into our common desire for a more compassionate and peaceful world by building a vast interconnected network of compassion among the peoples of the Earth. There are many reasons to be a partner, but here are the most important:

  • help create, build, and sustain the network of Compassionate Communities in your own community and in the worldwide network of communities.
  • connect compassionate action with the work and hopes of others who have the same vision of a more compassionate and peaceful world.
  • communicate and connect with others—within a sector and across sectors—to share experiences and learn from others about what they are doing to ignite and grow compassionate action.
Tell us about some of your campaigns?
Charter for Compassion:
As we have said already, The Charter for Compassion International is a network of networks, providing pathways for like-minded people in every part of the globe to communicate, understand, and empathize with each other—and to reach out in support of others’ activities. By connecting people and communities worldwide, we can create a more compassionate world. We have a lot going on and to that end we want to make a HUGE global impact.

We invite you—members, partners, and compassionate communities—to commit to one or more of the following challenges that will further the work of the Charter. You can read about each of the challenges below and sign on to help meet that challenge. You’ll be asked to read, share and act for each of the challenged. Here are some of the challenges we are starting with and stay tuned for additional challenges!

* Affirm the Charter
* Beloved Community Project
* Faces of Compassion Project
* Join the Movement
* Charter for School
* Women and Girls
* Green World
* Global Meditation
* Building Peaceful Tomorrows
* Compassion March