xocial helps us use our superpowers for good.

We live in a time when someone’s butt can break the Internet and cyber-bullies have 24/7 access to kids who sleep with their smartphones under their pillows. Isn’t it time for a change?

Say hello to xocial™. (Oh yeah. It’s pronounced soh-shuhl.)

xocial is an online community that supports and inspires social change. It uses technology to connect people and organizations to the causes they care about and makes it fun—and rewarding—for everyday superheroes to make a difference in their homes, offices and communities.

We’re building a movement of COMPETITIVE KINDNESS™
to inspire the next generation of social responsibility.

Using xocial you can organize your own campaign, join one created by someone else or sponsor a campaign to encourage more participation.

Are you a company? Align your brand with social good, amplify your corporate social responsibility and build a workplace culture that will make you an employer of choice.

Are you a charity? xocial offers a new way to attract, engage and retain the next generation of do-gooders and measure the impact of the work you’re doing.

Are you an individual? We make it easy and fun to make a difference to causes you care about. Earn points, build your XO score and show off your good side.

With a meaningful way to motivate positive social actions, a credible way to measure positive social impact and a winning way to recognize the positive efforts we make, we can change the world—one challenge, one point, one thank-you at a time.

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