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Don’t just do good. Do better.

Enlist more volunteers, increase engagement in your events and inspire loyalty in the digitally driven and ever-connected millennial, all by putting your next charity or non-profit campaign on xocial. It’s pronounced ‘social’ for a reason—because it uses social good campaigns to connect your organization to current members, new members, brands that care about your cause and to social media.

Tomorrow’s volunteer wants to be a doer, not a donor. With xocial
you get a unique platform to engage people in “being the change,” with proof
that their efforts are making a real impact.

ATTRACT: By encouraging team participation, awarding points (XP), displaying results on a leaderboard, and tying it all together with technology, you’ll get the attention of the younger crowd. First-timers are introduced to you because we promote your campaign to people on xocial who are interested in your cause.

ENGAGE: People say yes to your events, projects and fundraisers because it feels more like play than work. Using leaderboards, contests and challenges, we channel people’s almost-compulsive need to keep up with the Joneses and hard-wired love of competition into socially positive pursuits and more engagement with you.

RETAIN: Those who have engaged with you once come back for more because you recognized them in a meaningful way, whether that’s a friendly thank you, a badge or a chance to win a prize.

PROMOTE: Using the xocial platform, you can team up with brands and corporations that are interested in your cause. Participants in your campaign can do their part to promote your mission because social sharing is built right into campaigns.

MEASURE: Points earned in your campaign are tallied in real time, which means you can easily measure their impact and compare them to other campaigns you’ve run.

To develop loyalty among millennials, charities need to provide a variety of ways to engage, easy social sharing and proof that involvement is making a difference. With xocial, you get all three.













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