Make your corporate social responsibility program wickedly good.

What if you could tie your brand to a specific social issue you’re passionate about? Engage your customers in making a difference? Measure the impact of your efforts? And access great, shareable stories, posted by real people on social media?

xocial takes the principles of a successful corporate social responsibility strategy—transparency, authenticity and concrete measurement—and turns them into a customer engagement tool. Instead of reading about your CSR program in an annual report, your stakeholders can contribute first-hand to your efforts, by joining your campaigns and sharing their experiences.

Doing good is good for business. xocial helps you achieve your
triple bottom line goals and, at the same time, have fun.

Whether it’s one element of a multi-pronged CSR strategy or the main focus of your corporate social good efforts, xocial makes it easy for brands and corporations to take their CSR program directly to the people who matter. The platform offers a unique digital experience that inspires engagement, especially among younger customers, who expect to take their brand experiences online. xocial also builds trust with customers who value corporate social responsibility (9 out of 10 millennials would switch brands to one that aligns itself with a cause, according to a 2015 Cone Communications study).

Reporting is a critical component of any CSR program, and xocial makes this simple, too. Our algorithm converts the results of your brand or company’s participation on the platform into your XO score—a direct measurement of the impact of your efforts. Points earned in any xocial campaign you organize or sponsor are tallied in real time, which means you can easily determine how successful the campaign has been. Your company’s online profile page becomes an archive of your involvement—a place your customers and other stakeholders can visit to see the depth and diversity of the good you’ve done through the xocial community.

Today, it’s not whether you have a CSR program that makes you different, but the uniqueness of your strategy. Using xocial, you can be true to your brand and true to your customers, uniting people, product and the planet in a truly powerful way.





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