I am a xocial brand

I am a xocial brand
PHOTO: Joe Waters

Doing good is good for business.

Brands with a conscience find a perfect fit with xocial.

Whether you create a one-off campaign using the xocial app, tie your product or service directly to the platform or donate products or services to the xocial marketplace—or all three—you’re demonstrating your commitment to doing good. Your customers will notice. And love you for it.

With xocial you can…

Build trust

With xocial, you can build vibrant customer communities that value corporate social responsibility and will stay loyal to you for your good works.

Gamify goodness

xocial plays into our love of competition with points and an overall xo score™. As a brand, you can get in on the game, too.

Make waves

xocial is new. It’s different. In a world where customers expect to be amazed, you’re sure to make an impact.

Start conversations

xocial gives brands instant access to those who care about what you do. Pick their brains.

Activate do-gooders

If your product or service only works if your customers take action, we can help you reward their efforts.

Get personal

Develop one-to-one relationships with your customers that is based on rewarding them for their specific achievements.

Create demand

By aligning your good deeds with the good deeds of those on the xocial platform, you create a connection. And can keep them coming back for more.

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