I am a xocial business

I am a xocial business

Not just business as usual.

If you’re an employer that cares about creating a workplace culture based on positive social values—a place where people treat each other well, step up to the plate and give back—you’ll want to join the xocial platform.

xocial specializes in engagement—using technology to connect people, promote positive values, inspire concrete actions and offer meaningful recognition.

As a brand, you can use xocial to promote the causes you care about, reward the behaviour you want to see, and turn your customers into loyal fans—easily creating a reason for people to choose you and not your competition. Plus, by aligning yourself with the everyday heroes and do-gooders, you enhance your brand image.

All businesses benefit from building their xo score™—an algorithmically derived number from 100 to 500 that is a measurement of positive social impact.

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