With xocial’s pay-per-action sponsorship, you can engage sponsors, raise funds and connect a new generation to your cause, all using a cool new motivator called competitive kindness.

Humans have an almost hardwired tendency to measure, compete and share. With competitive kindness, we’re turning that universal drive into the healthiest form of competition — the drive to inspire and do good.

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your sponsors to the next gen

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Passive exposure comes standard with any sponsorship program: a logo on your t-shirt, a piece of swag in every bag, a mention from the podium. xocial’s pay-per-action model is different—and better—because it gives your sponsors the power to inspire action.

Every time a person takes action to get you closer to your goal, whether that’s a share on Facebook or completing a challenge as part of a campaign you’ve created on the xocial platform, your sponsors make a donation to your cause. Because sponsors only pay when a participant does something, their total contribution is directly related to how active people are in your event or campaign—and their sponsorship is seen as inspiring people’s efforts to do good.

Pay-per-action sponsorship makes it easy for sponsors to calculate their social return on investment, too. There are plenty of ways to measure the impact their dollars had on people’s activity, from the likes and shares of posts they sponsored on Facebook to the number of people who completed a challenge they sponsored on xocial.

Let’s use competitive kindness to increase participation in your fundraiser and turn your sponsors into champions of your cause.

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