Talent Egg

TalentEgg.ca is Canada's most popular job site and online career resource for students and recent graduates and has helped millions of millennials hatch their careers, and worked with hundreds of Canadian employers to successfully attract top Gen Y talent join their organizations.


With the xocial platform, TalentEgg is able to connect students with top employers across Canada in a new and innovative way by supporting clients' CSR initiatives and helping them find talent.

TalentEgg has partnered with xocial to let campus and job recruiters see what committed, passionate and caring these young millennials are.

With xocial, TalentEgg is able to engage those millennials looking to expand their network outside of the working world while adding value to their professional path. The campaign and specific challenges help recruits with their soft skills (like communication and initiative) while sharpening their professional skill set. A win-win to both the student and those brands who are finding talent while giving back and doing good.


The campaign housed on the TalentEgg website includes widgets and leaderboards and much more.


Our new 'white label' widget will allow users to view the challenges, activity and leaderboards on xocial customized with TalentEgg's brand colours.

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