The App

The App

Bringing out the good in everyone, one thank you at a time.

We live at a time when a celebrity’s butt can break the Internet and online bullies have 24-hour access to kids who sleep with their smart phones under their pillows. Isn’t it time to start using technology to make the world suck a little less?

The xocial app is the easiest way to take baby steps to a better world. All it takes is two words—thank you—sent with the tap of a finger.

The principle is simple: See good? Say thanks. Do good? Get thanks. Hubby let you sleep in? Say thanks. Your son slayed the monster mess in his bedroom? Say thanks. You stayed late to help your co-worker finish that report? Get thanks. You picked up the tab at dinner? Get thanks. You can send and receive thank yous from anyone who uses the app, including your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts.


And the best news? This beautiful circle of thank yous sent and received is going to put us on the fast track to happiness. Study after study has shown the positive effects of gratitude—on the person who is grateful and the person receiving the recognition.

Thanks sent and received through the app build your xo score™—a number from 100 to 500 that measures your social impact.

With the xo score you can set goals, track your progress and engage in the healthiest form of competition: the drive to make a difference. Want to know more about the xo score? Check out our xocial platform page.

Join #thanksnation! Download the app, upload your gratitude and watch your xo score climb.

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