The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard

We’re ranking our thanking

As a society, we’ve got an almost compulsive need to keep up with the Joneses—to see how we “measure up” against friends, neighbours, co-workers and others in our industry (that last one especially if we’re a brand, business or non-profit).

But what if we could use this obsess-to-be-the-best tendency in people to motivate us to make the world a nicer, kinder, fairer place? What if instead of competing on superficial stuff like numbers of friends and ‘likes’ we ranked ourselves on gratitude and good deeds?

Our Twitter leaderboard takes the principles of the xocial app—see good, say thanks, do good, get thanks—and translates them to the world’s best-known real-time micro-blogging service. Call it 140 characters of nice.

Our algorithm extracts thanks of all types from Twitter—more than 25 every second—evaluates whether they’re legit and posts the results to our leaderboard so anyone can see how they rank on thanks. Then, through the behind-the-scenes magic of the xocial platform, we’re able to incorporate thanks sent and received over Twitter into the xo score of an individual or organization. Check out the leaderboard for more deets.

But Twitter isn’t the only place a leaderboard has the power to motivate for good. Brands, employers, non-profits, charities—even school boards and community foundations—can create their own leaderboard through a partnership with xocial. Score the efforts that mean something to your mission, your goals and your audience—and turn the human hardwiring for competition into a drive to make a difference.

Take competition to the next level

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