People with Purpose

We're on a mission to deliver "Competitive Kindness" and "Rewards for Doing Good" to a global community of Do-Gooders.

Colin Duetta

The keeper of the napkin. He clearly remembers that cold day in December 2011 when he, Michael Salvatori and a partner who shall remain nameless scribbled an idea on a bar napkin. They called it Kudos and Kisses, but the basic framework of recognition for good deeds was there. Part sentimental memento, part corporate record, today the napkin is tucked away in Colin’s safe.

Colin is a project manager and people whisperer, able to rein in the dreamer and focus the inventor to deliver what’s been promised on time and on budget. It's Colin's level head, strong sense of accountability and gift for managing different personalities that ensured xocial moved from an idea to an app to a platform within a tight timeframe. "I give things their corporate wrapper," he says. "I keep the goals of the company and investors on the radar."

Michael Salvatori

His most trusted advisor is his gut. He considers his word his bond. And he’s a crier. He’s also got a bit of a coffee habit. But don't blame the caffeine for Mike's rapid-fire ideas and strongly worded opinion—his mom says he was negotiating with the girl behind the counter for a free donut years before he used his allowance to buy his first Caffè Americano.

Co-owner of an internationally recognized design and development house, Mike has taken what he's done every day for the last 15 years—developing great products for discerning clients—and applied it to creating the ultimate user experience for xocial.

Ken Bentham

I'm a dedicated family man, volunteer coach, and mental health advocate. Our family creed is "memories, not stuff". We've traveled the world to learn about other cultures, religions, people and places. My proudest achievement is that my children don't see others in terms of race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation... they simply see them as people.

As employee number one, I've been here from the start! I currently work on strategy, partnerships, and cause marketing -- creating the March Goodness, Kindness Cup, and Shoot for Change campaigns! I also developed the We Stand For Love for Porter Novelli!

Felix Leung

The mad scientist! A game designer and producer with years of experience. Proven ability to make "hit" products. Success in new game concept design, demographic targeting and game balance. Proven effectiveness in leadership and staff management. Interested in new design challenges, and new, emerging or developing gaming entertainment fields.

Lauren Duffield

My mission is to show the world that every individual and organization has the responsibility and power to create positive change. I view every social and environmental issue, as a business opportunity.

I love to travel and have been to 30 countries; my top two favourite being South Africa and New Zealand.

Daniel P. Lewchanyn

I'm calm under pressure and love a good challenge. I'm an education program manager for xocial, host of "The Corporate Social Responsibility Podcast", content creator, cause-marketer, growth consultant, podcast producer, social media strategist, audio/video producer/editor, spreadsheet ninja, wordsmith. I rewrite my story every single day. I love putting pen to paper and wearing my heart on my sleeve. In my free-time (what little I have) I'm a volunteer and advocate on behalf of sexual assault victims at a Community Crisis Center. I have done it all, yet it feels like there is still so much to accomplish.

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