xocial’s pay-per-action Facebook campaign sponsorship is a new and exciting way to engage sponsors and connect a new generation to your cause, simply by  gamifying what people do on Facebook anyway: liking and sharing.

Putting your fundraising efforts on Facebook and giving points for every like and share of posts your sponsors publish and promote makes it easy for people to give back and attractive for sponsors to want to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility in authentic ways.

Find out how it works

Simply find sponsors that believe in your cause and ask them to donate a dollar amount for every like and share of posts they publish related to your campaign (10 cents for a like and 1 dollar for a share). We keep track of the points your sponsors earn for each like and share and put together the real-time leaderboard, which can be displayed on your Facebook page and website.

xocial and Facebook - how it works

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What the heck are XP?

You can’t have a game without points, right? Every social good action on the planet can be assigned xocial points, or XP. The value of XP is determined by weighing the impact of the action and the effort and cost (in time and sometimes money) required to do it.

A Facebook like, which is a pretty easy and low impact action to take, earns 1XP for the sponsor. A share, which has greater impact and takes a bit more effort, earns 10XP.