xocial’s pay-per-action sponsorship puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising using the principles of online gaming (challenges, points, badges and leaderboards) to engage more participants and make sponsorship more meaningful.

Putting your fundraiser on xocial opens up unique and rewarding opportunities for both participants and sponsors. Sponsors choose the specific challenges they want to tie their donations to, and participants choose the challenges they want to complete, inspired (at least in part) by the donations sponsors are making. Some challenges are easy. Some challenges are hard,. All of them are fun. And all of them earn points for the participants and money for your cause—with the added benefit of some great grassroots visual storytelling!

With a xocial pay-per-action campaign, participants become competitors, sponsors become champions, and everyone wins.

Find out how it works

First, come up with your challenges. Next, find sponsors who believe in your cause. (Your “title sponsor” will make a donation every time a person completes any challenge. Other sponsors can support a specific challenge.) Our technology keeps track of the points, generates the leaderboard and shares stories on the campaign newsfeed. Our team is at your service at every stage, from planning to roll-out.

xocial fundraising sponsorship - how it works

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What the heck are XP?

You can’t have a game without points, right? Every social good action on the planet can be assigned xocial points, or XP. The value of XP is determined by weighing the impact of the action and the effort and cost (in time and sometimes money) required to do it. Leaving an inspirational note is a pretty easy and low impact action to take, so it earns 6XP. Organization a park cleanup takes more effort and has a greater impact, so it’s worth 100XP.