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What is xocial?

xocial is an online community that connects people and organizations to causes they care about, then inspires them to take action.

It's a simple and fun way to make a difference at home, in your office and in your community. Using xocial, you can measure the impact of your efforts. Build your XO score and show off your good side!

How it works

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Being xocial is for everyone.

You can change the world with competitive kindness--whether you're a national organization, local charity or mere mortal (cape not required).

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What's the score?


We like to call the XO score a credit score for your soul. Your XO score is a representation of your overall positive social impact. Build your score by completing challenges and engaging with others in the xocial community.

Kill your corporate social responsibility with kindness.
Achieve your CSR goals
Use your superpowers for good at the office.
Engage employees for good


com•pet•it•ive kind•ness [kuh m-pet-i-tiv kahynd-nis]

1. A way to channel the universal human drive to compete into actions that benefit the causes an individual cares about.

2. The healthiest form of competition, which is the drive to inspire and do good.

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Dear charity. Help me show my good side.
Inspire the next gen of do-gooders

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