The Social Impact Score

Build an XO score for you or your organization
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The XO gives companies a real time impact social impact score based on the actions of its employees and/or customers.

What's in an XO score?

Your XO is like a credit score measuring your social impact. The higher the score, the bigger difference you are making in your organization or community.

XO score You are
100 - 109 Do-Gooder
110 - 129 Action Taker
130 - 200 Change Maker
201 - 400 Activation Specialist
> 400 Inspirational Leader
How does your XO score increase?

At it’s core, the XO Score is designed to take complicated social impact inputs and distill that data into one simple to understand number. It's patented approach allows us to work with clients to understand any unique inputs they may have, and it’s design to evolve!

The XO Score increases on a logarithmic (reducing) curve. That means that the rate the XO Score increases slows down over time.

In gaming vernacular XP stands for Experience Points. Building your XP is how you level-up, obtain better resources, strengthen your base, elevate your avatar.

At xocial®, XP stands for xocial® points. It’s how we measure each input in the ecosystem. The primary inputs that generate an XP value are impact, effort, time, and money. Because all inputs in xocial use the same formula to generate XP, all the inputs (social impact actions) in the xocial ecosystem relate to one another.

But the XO Score was designed to take a multitude of inputs, hundreds in fact. UN Sustainability Goals, the nine sustainable behaviours, impact geography, inspiration factors, are all available variables in developing an XO Score.

Our algorithms and formulae are designed to be as objective as possible. Wherever possible, we use quantitative values in our calculations by using standardized conversion ratios. When qualitative values are required, we use reference grids to make sure the values we use are as accurate and balanced as possible.

We purposefully designed a system for continuous evolution, allowing us to make updates that do not adversely affect existing XO scores, and don’t alter the balance of existing XO Scores. We accomplish this by knowing the details of all input streams, and we use this knowledge to plot a roadmap for XO Score evolution.

Corporate transparency and real-time measurement.

As employees, customers, and volunteers act on opportunities, your social impact and XO score increases.

  • "I have been so proud to see how our team has embraced 1ForAll (developed using xocial) driving good across the globe and supporting incredible causes in diversity, inclusion and human rights."

    - CEO, Porter Novelli
  • "1ForAll (developed using xocial) has been awesome. Our work changes lives, for the people and communities we support, and for our teams through the breadth and depth of experiences."

    - EVP, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Porter Novelli
  • "This was such a great opportunity for us to spread kindness and make our lives better every day."

    - Melanie Anderson - Niagara North Stars
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