Driving Social Impact for Business

A real-time impact score based on the actions of your employees and customers.


xocial is a certified B Corp

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xocial (pronounced 'social') is a B Corp Certified impact gamification platform that inspires, measures, and rewards the positive actions for your audience. Engage your stakeholders including today's conscious consumer with one real-time impact metric, the XO Score.


Some of our favourite brand partners.

Amplify & measure the positive social impact of your audience.

I want to build corporate culture and engage my remote work force.

Keep your employees engaged and provide a clear reason for future employees to join your team.

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I want to build brand loyalty and engage my customers in CSR initiatives.

Use xocial to educate your audience on your product and mission while driving your CSR.

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Add Gamification and Measurement to Your Website

Deploy branded campaigns that drive positive engagement and social impact.

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How does the xocial platform work?

Complete Challenges

Participants complete challenges that measure impact, effort, time, and dollars.


Earn Points & Compete

Engagement & gamification features including teams, leaderboards, and achievements drive participation.


Understand Your Impact

As your participants earn points the corporate XO Score increases real-time. xocial measures and reports against 100's of impact data points including UN Sustainability Goals.


  • The results are in! Doing good is good for business!

  • "...xocial will be a key piece of our initiatives..."

    - Executive Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer, Porter Novelli
  • "Amazing results already!!! Fantastic."

    - CSR Director, Arbonne
  • "We are all very excited to be using the xocial platform!"

    - Executive Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer, Porter Novelli
  • "We’ve been talking about how aligned our companies are and we are looking forward to a long term partnership after this campaign."

    - Marketing Team, Loop
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Find out how to start building your corporate XO (social impact) score!


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