Rewards for Doing Good

What the heck is xocial?

  • First things first... it's pronounced "social".
  • xocial is a platform that measures, inspires, and rewards positive actions by having your audience complete challenges in a gamified environment.
  • We work with you to create engaging campaigns for your brand, cause, office, league, club... wherever you want to measure positive impact and inspire your audience to make a difference.
  • We call the underlying technology Competitive Kindness ®, and it works. To date we're seeing an average visit length of over 9 minutes, more than 12,000 challenges completed, and 100's of leaderboard changes!

Play online or download the app.

Platform Features

  • Challenges are measured by impact, effort, and time
  • Users and organizations generate an XO Score, a measure of overall positive impact
  • Detailed reporting provides real SROI (Social Return on Investment)
  • Challenge sponsorship features with visibililty metrics
  • Integrated donation challenges with thousands of causes onboard
  • Teams and sub-teams options
  • Leaderboards, notifications, and rewards features track the action and inspire competition

Who's Ready to Shoot for Change?

Pass it forward and play in Paul Coffey's Shoot for Change for a chance to earn rewards for doing good! Hurry up, the campaign ends February 28th at 11:59:59 PM.

Put the power of competitive kindness behind your next mission.

Culture Building

xocial inspires employee engagement by creating culture defining campaigns.

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Cause Marketing

Align company goals with a cause, condition impactful behaviour and reward your customers for taking action.

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Clubs, Associations, Education

Condition and measure acts of impact with groups of all sizes.

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Browse through our use cases below to see xocial in action.

Cause Marketing

Kindness Cup
Soccer clubs made a difference in their communities as players completed fun, impactful challenges in support of KidSport. The sponsors were also big winners with over 30,000 logo views attaching their brand to positive community action.

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Culture Building

Porter Novelli
Employees from dozens of offices in different countries participated in Porter Novelli's 'Anti-Hate' campaign. This initiative was a resounding success with their employees and part of an award winning diversity & inclusion initiative that sets them apart.

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March Goodness Campaign
Anchored by an NCAA & NBA champ, students completed 1,455 acts of impact during this cause marketing campaign at colleges/universities across North America.

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Partnership & Licensing

Talent Egg
TalentEgg is able to connect students with top employers across Canada by supporting clients' CSR initiatives and helping them find talent.

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xocial conscious commitment

Players of the month Donation made to The xocial conscious program awards xocial coin to our top players which can be donated to any registered charity on the platform.
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wingston14 OSPCA
bigal Help a Child Smile (Ontario)

See what's new on xocial this month

Featured Campaign

Paul Coffey's Shoot For Change
A great way to celebrate with a legend of Canada's favourite game while playing for good! Players compete for points and prizes in a competition to see which community can have the most impact.

Featured Challenge

Donate Warm Clothes
Donate your spare winter clothes to a shelter or cause that helps those in need. Everyone deserves to be warm! Snap a picture delivering them or dropping them off at school or to a drop box.

Do Gooder of the Month

Mark T - North Stars PW
"Coaching hockey for many years, we have recently added a 'give back' feature in our program whereby our fortunate players are encouraged to acknowledge those less fortunate and rally to assist in some way."

Sponsor of the Week

Canadian Tire Corporation
Thanks for helping to make a difference in our communities by sponsoring challenges in Paul Coffey's Shoot for Change.

xocial Moments


I am a xocial business
Not just business as usual. If you’re an employer that cares about creating a workplace culture based on positive social

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